I was so excited to read the review of America Oh America from Radio Airplay.  Here is a small portion of it below:

“As we enter these opening weeks of the new year, there’s a lot of conversations happening in the public consciousness about rebuilding and moving forward, but there’s a much older conversation, that has remained unresolved for over fifty years. And that is the problem with institutionalized racism and how deeply it is ingrained in the very fabric of modern American society. New Jersey native Joe Baby, is one such voice trying to have this conversation, with his soulful Blues inspired ballad “America, Oh America”. Opening with the lines “Things have been going wrong, for too long. It’s time we welcome a change, let it come.“, Joe Baby echoes a sentiment that was first planted in mainstream America’s mindset by the late Sam Cooke, with 1964’s “A Change Is Gonna Come“.” Read the rest of it here.

If you haven’t heard it yet, go check out the song on Apple or Spotify.  Links are below.

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