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My latest single, “We Will Get Through All Of This” just dropped.  Check it out on whatever platform you use to listen to your music.  Also, if you purchase it from this link: most of the proceeds will be donated to charities benefiting all those fighting on the corona virus frontline.

Hello everyone, I am so glad to have this opportunity to come into your life. My only desire is to have some things to say for the next 28 years. Although my voice might be gone in 28 years, I pray that it is still on point.
I have been singing for some time now; that is one of the things that I enjoy having in my life.
As of now, I’m not on the road; I have to get a few more things done in my life and this business so that I can be comfortable while traveling the world.
As you can see that this is my second CD and I am working on the next I want to accomplish is to have 30 or more songs of mine’s playing so when I fill up a Auditorium a Stadium I will have enough things to say. my only regret is that my life partner is not with me now God taking her on the first of Oct in 2016 I know she would have enjoy this


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