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This is a song of hope and healing that I wrote for the world. It is dedicated to all of the essential workers and all of those that have come together as one to help fight the corona virus. This is my small way of giving thanks to all of you. I am donating most of the proceeds to several local charities and some world wide charities that are on the front lines of battling this virus.

Most of the proceeds of this song will be donated to charity. You can help by choosing to pay more than the minimum price. No price is too large or too small. Thank you, Joe Baby




My newest single “America, Oh America” will release on July 3rd!!! Make sure you check it out wherever you listen to music. Hello everyone I am so glad to have this opportunity to come into your life’s .My only desire is to have some things to say for the next 28 years. Although my voice might be gone in 28 years I pray that my mine is still on point. I have been singing for some time now that is one of the things that I enjoy having…

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